Day Sponsors

With a contribution of $94.70, you can create a personal message that will be aired 8 times on a day of your choice. Day sponsorships are a great way to celebrate a birthday, graduation or anniversary or honor a friend or local community member – all while supporting FM 94.7 Blair Radio.

Your announcement can be 40-45 words in length, (about 20 seconds long), and will be read by a FM 94.7 Blair Radio host eight times, every other hour, beginning at 6:30 am on a day of your choosing.  Your contribution is tax deductible to the fullest extent of the law. 

Day sponsorships are becoming very popular and we anticipate our calendar filling up fast.  Make your gift and reserve your date as far in advance as possible for best availability.

** PLEASE NOTE:  Day Sponsorships can not be used to promote for-profit businesses, political campaigns, year-end giving or special giving days. **

**The donor/purchaser must be credited as the Day Sponsor.**

**Date of sponsorship must be selected within one year of purchase.**

For more information email Blair Radio or make your online contribution today!

Examples of day sponsor messages:

“Today’s FM 94.7 Blair Radio day sponsor is Blair Healing Rooms.  Their mission is planting seeds of God’s love and hope through music, ministry and prayer. Information at”

“Today’s FM 94.7 Blair Radio day sponsors are Pat and Jerry Lake, celebrating 37 years on their journey together, through both joyful and challenging times.”

“Today’s FM 94.7 Blair Radio day sponsor is Chris Richards. Wishing listeners a Happy Spring and thanking law enforcement officers for their service to the community.”

Examples of what your message CAN NOT include: 
(For a complete list of restrictions, please contact Blair Radio)

  • Promotional language
  • For-Profit Businesses
  • Qualitative language (favorable qualities, benefits, claims)
  • Inducement language
  • Messages of any sort relating to politics, voting, ballot issues, etc.

Day Sponsorships must maintain the spirit of the non-commercial nature of community radio.

We at Blair Radio reserve the right to decline announcements determined by us to not be in the best interests of our mission, our values, our communities, and on air/online listeners.